William Craig

Co-Founder and Tutor

Education: M.S. Engineering (05/2023), B.S.E. Electrical Engineering, Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator, ASE Master Technician

Professional Experience: U-Haul Intl., Ford Motor Company. 2 Patent Awards.

Builds: V-12 Land Cruiser, 700whp MKIV Supra, GL1000 Cafe Racer, Formula SAE Cars, Composite Hyperloop Pod

About Will: Got in trouble for trying to tighten up loose electrical sockets in elementary school.

Mikel Brodie

Co-Founder and CMO

Education: B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering (05/2023)

Professional Experience: Rain Industries, Joby Aviation

Builds: FB, FC, FD RX7s, MKIV Supra, Datsun Racecar, Miatas, V8 Porsche 914, 2-stroke Autonomous Helicopters

About Mike: Mike has seen Fast and Furious several dozen times.

Patrick Phillips


Education: B.S.E. Automotive Engineering

Professional Experience: Zero Electric Vehicles, Nammo Defense Systems

Builds: Bronco, Malibu

About Patrick: Patrick was the last engineer to see a missile before the enemy.